WWI 1914-15 STAR TO ACT. E.R.A. A.E. STOKES, R.N. (K.I.A. 1914 H.M.S. HOGUE)

** NEW ** 1914-15 Star to M.7616 A.E. Stokes, Act. E.R.A. 1V, R.N.

Alfred Edgar Stokes was born on 2 Jan 1892, the son of Mr Thomas Stokes of 4 New Writtle St., Chelmsford, Essex, working as a Fitter & Turner. Joining the Royal Navy as Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class on 21 Apr 1914, Stokes served aboard H.M.S. Hogue from 14 July 1914. On 22 Sep 1914, Stokes was serving aboard Hogue as part of what was to become known infamously the 'Livebait Squadron'. German submarine U9 fired two torpedoes at close range. As she fired, Hogue spotted her bows rising above water and returned fire, but was struck twice almost immediately. After just 10 minutes, Captain Wilmot Nicholson gave the order to abandon ship and capsized before sinking at 07:15 hrs. Stokes was one of the 372 men lost from HMS Hogue. He is remembered at Chatham Naval Memorial. Steamers and trawlers had managed to rescue a total of 837 men, while 1397 men and 62 officers were lost. The disaster had a profound negative impact on the reputation on the British Royal Navy at the start of the war.


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