*** RESERVED *** Military Medal George VI to 4349380 Sjt. A. Cameron. Durh. L.I.; 1939-45 Star; France and Germany Star; WWII War Medal, accompanied by Durham Light Infantry badge.

M.M. London Gazette 21 June 1945: "At Gemen on 29 March 1945, Sergeant Cameron was in command of a Section of carriers which was ordered to carry out a patrol on the right flank of their Battalion, the object of which was to see if this flank was clear, and if not to contain the enemy in that area until another Battalion came up to clear the area. Sergeant Cameron took his patrol roughly a mile along the road, and then came under high explosive mortar fire from a house three hundred yards in front, and also rifle and machine gun fire from a large copse on his left flank. He immediately got his crews in dismounted action and for half an hour neutralised the positions with three Brens and 2 inch mortar. At the end of this period the enemy ceased fire, and Sergeant Cameron on his own initiative decided to clear the house immediately to his front and then the copse to his left. He ordered the Section to return to their carriers, and firing on the move, to make their way to the house, which they did. When close to the house Sergeant Cameron led one crew dismounted into the house and took five prisoners. On returning to the carriers the enemy again opened up with machine gun fire and wounded two of their own prisoners. Sergeant Cameron then ordered the section to return to the house they had just cleared and make it a firm base. The house by this time was under heavy fire from three sides. The Section established themselves in the house as Sergeant Cameron then crawled a hundred yards across the open with a PIAT covered by the rest of the Section. Spasmodic enemy machine gun fire was coming from the copse during this time but was silenced when Sergeant Cameron fired two PIAT rounds at the enemy positions. He then moved across to another house from which fire was coming, and set it on fire with his remaining bomb. He then returned to the Section and led them through the copse and on to the farmhouse under cover of three Brens, taking in all one officer and sixty other ranks Prisoner of War, who were all armed with rifles, machine guns, or Bazookas. By his personal courage, leadership, and initiative, Sergeant Cameron cleared the area of nearly a Company strength of Germany infantry with only one carrier Section."

Andrew Cameron served with the 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry during the Second World War, and was presented with his Military Medal by Field Marshal Montgomery at the Olympischer Platz, Berlin, on 10 August 1945.


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