Military Medal George VI 7903134 L/Sjt. S.J. Perry, 9-L.; 1939-45 Star; Africa Star with 8th Army clasp; Italy Star; WWII Defence Medal; WWII War Medal. Accompanied by 9th Lancers cap badge, original Attestation document, letter from Perry's employers on the outbreak of war, War Office letter on the award of the M.M., Buckingham Palace named slip, medal transmission slip, two original photographs, Discharge Certificate, Release and Resettlement booklet, National Registration Identity Card, Soldier's Release Book and original regimental 9th Lancers 'C' Squadron' publication which states that just 7 Military Medals were awarded to the regiment during WWII.

Sidney James Perry was born in Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, South Wales and worked as a shop assistant before attesting on 8 Nov 1939 with the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers. His Immediate M.M. was Gazetted 23 Aug 1945: "This N.C.O. is troop corporal of 4th Troop, 'C' Squadron, 9th Lancers. On three occasions during last week's advance has he shown great iniative and dash. On 13 April, he commanded the leading tank in the advance to capture the bridge at LA FRASCATA. By moving at high speed under heavy fire, he got to within 50 yards of the bridge before it was partially blown. Without stopping he moved on to the canal bank and engaged the enemy on the far side - thus preventing any further demolition and enabling our infantry to cross and capture the enemy rearguard of 40 men. On 18 April, Cpl. Perry was first across a bridge just south of RIPAPERISCO, though it was prepared for demolition, and immediately took 30 prisoners. As a result of this quick capture of the bridge, 200 Germans were mopped up in that area during the next three hours. Cpl. Perry was also in the lead when his troop was advancing after dark to capture the bridge over the VOLANO at CONA on 21 April. His tank was carrying infantry on the back, and he advanced 2000 yards, avoiding three German tanks which were reported to be in the area with numerous bazooka men, and found his objective. Unloading his infantry, he negotiated a 10 ft embankment to give supporting fire. In position, he was attacked by bazookas and spandaus, which he answered with both Brownings and Tommy Guns, killing at least 3 Germans. Although engaged by a 150 m.m. gun at point blank range, Cpl. Perry kept his tank in action and so devastated the opposition with H.E. and M.G. fire that the infantry and one supporting tank were able to cross the bridge and secure the bridgehead. All this action took place in moonlight, and Cpl. Perry's presence of mind and cool gallantry under the most difficult and dangerous circumstances was largely responsible for the success of the operation."


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