*** RESERVED *** The daring and poignant pilot's D.F.M. and Memorial Cross group, consisting: Distinguished Flying Medal George VI CAN/R.98213 R.E. Taylor, R.C.A.F.; Canadian Memorial Cross to P.O. R.E. Taylor, D.F.M. J18109 in box of issue.

Distinguished Flying Medal (Immediate) Gazetted 12 Mar 1943: "Flight Sergeant Taylor was detailed to attack the target of Wilhelmshaven on the night of 19th/20th February, 1943. Shortly after setting course, the constant speed unit of the airscrew of his port motor became unserviceable. However, Flight Sergeant Taylor managed to keep the r.p.m. under control and carried on to the target. After reaching the target and bombing successfully, he began to have trouble with his port engine. At this time, the aircraft was damaged by enemy flak and went into a spin. He pulled the aircraft out of the spin, opened his throttles and the port motor failed again and he went into another spin. He recovered from the spin and got the port engine to function again. A few minutes later, his aircraft was attacked by an Me.110, but with a fine display of skill, Flight Sergeant Taylor was able to avoid the fighter and the rear gunner succeeded in damaging the enemy aircraft. A short while after this when they were over the Fresian Islands, the port engine failed completely. Flight Sergeant Taylor feathered the port airscrew and set out on the long over-water trip to this country. By showing superior airmanship and skill, Flight Sergeant Taylor succeeded in reaching this country and landing his damaged aircraft successfully. During the entire trip, Flight Sergeant Taylor showed courage and outstanding devotion to duty and it is strongly recommended that he receive an immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal." Remarks by Station Commander: "This N.C.O. has a fine operational record. During the sortie mentioned above and others, he has displayed courage and determination in pressing home his attacks and airmanship of a high quality. I concur in the Squadron Commander's recommendation that he receives an immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal." remarks by A.O.C.: "I concur and suggest the award (immediate) of the D.F.M. as appropriate in this case.

Ralph Edgar Taylor was the son of Mr & Mrs William Taylor of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and husband of Winifred Judy Taylor. Trained at No.12 Service Flying Training Scholl, Brandon from Aug 31 to Nov 21, 1941, Taylor received his wings from Captain Scott C.O. of No. 2 'M' Depot, presented in the drill hall to the 51 graduates fo course 37. He began flying Tiger Moths and went on to pilot Wellington bombers with 420 Squadron, with missions to Bochum, Dresden, Stuttgart, Manheim, Turin and the U-boat pen at Wilhelmshaven. Posted to 432 Squadron and piloting HE294 QO-P, Taylor was shot down over the German city of Essen on 28 May 1943 aged 26, all crew were lost and their remains never receoved. He is remembered with honour at the Runnymede Memorial.



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