The esteemed K.C.M.G. & C.B. group to Brigadier-General Sir Charles Henry Bridge who was instrumental in the formation of the Victorian Army Service Corps, and later responsible for the supply of North American war horses during WWI. Consisting of: K.C.M.G. neck badge and breast star in silver gilt and enamel; C.B. breast badge in silver gilt and enamel with Garrard hallmarks for 1896; Egypt Medal 1882 to D.A.C. Genl. C.H. Bridge, C. & T.C.; British South Africa Company Medal with reverse Rhodesia 1896 to Lieut. Col. C.H. Bridge, A.S. Corps.; Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony, Orange Free State & Transvaal clasps to Bt. Col. C.H. Bridge, C.B., A.S.C.; WWI War Medal to Brig. Gen. Sir C.H. Bridge; Khedives Star 1882.
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K.C.M.G. Gazetted 18 Aug 1916: "For valuable services rendered in connection with the war, Colonel (Temp. Brig.-Gen.) Charles Henry Bridge, C.B., C.M.G. retired pay." C.B. Gazetted 21 May 1897: "In recognition of the services of the under-mentioned Officer during the operations in South Africa 1896, Lt.-Col. Charles Henry Bridge, Army Service Corps, Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant General, Eastern Division." C.M.G. Gazetted 19 Apr 1901: "In recognition of services in connection with the campaign in South Africa 1899-1900, Lt.-Col. & Brevet Colonel Charles Henry Bridge, C.B., Army Service Corps." M.I.D. Gazetted 9 Mar 1897: "Lt.-Col. Bridge, Army Service Corps, D.A.A.G. did good service in a critical part of the action at Tuli gorge at Babyan's stronghold on 20th July. He organised the whole of the Supply & Transport and Ordnance Departments which were practically non-existent. This officer's work was invaluable."

Charles Henry Bridge was born in 1852 and served as Commissariate and Transport Staff for the Egyptian Campaign of 1882, as Adjutant at Aldershot 1885, D.A.Q.M.Q. Army HQ 1886-88, assisting in the formation of the Army Sevice Corps, made Lt.-Col. 1889, commanded the A.S.C. Aldershot 1891-96, serving in South Africa and the Matabeleland Campaign of 1896, made Brevet Colonel 1898, Director of South African Field Force 1899-1901, A.A.G. Aldershot 1901-02, Director of Transport 1902, Inspector of Remount Depots 1906, made Brigadier-General 1914, Head of Mule Purchasing Commission in America 1914-16 and retiring in 1916 with the rank of Major-General. It was whilst despatched to North America on the outbreak of WWI that Bridge received a knighthood. Accompanied by James Barry (who received a C.M.G.), the pair purchased remounts in America and Canada for the British Army: "Colonel Charles Bridge was appointed the Inspector of Remounts and was responsible for the supply of draught animals. As a former officer of the Army Service Corps, his knowledge of this class of animal was extensive." - 'Arborfield Green: Home of the War Horse.'


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